What To Wear in the Winter in the Boundary Waters

No season poses more challenges in the Boundary Waters than winter. How to dress for winter play in the Boundary Waters is particularly puzzling, especially since it’s not unheard of for winter temperatures to fluctuate as much as 70 degrees in the span of 24 hours. (Just think how differently … Continue reading

How to Ice Fish in the Boundary Waters

We spend most of our free time in the first three months of each year ice fishing for lake trout. Because our business keeps us busy all summer long, in any given year, we spend considerably more time fishing in “hard water” conditions than we do on open water. Ice … Continue reading

Left with Lefse? A Recipe for Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are upon us and if your fridge is anything like ours, it’s starting to fill up with ingredients it only ever contains this time of year. You know: cheese ball remnants; that bit of smoked fish you were strong-armed into taking home from the holiday party; a gallon-sized Ziploc … Continue reading